What Is Knockerball?


       Knockerball® is a single-chamber inflatable plastic bubble with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Players get in the “donut-hole” part of the ball head-first, secure the straps (like a backpack) and hold on to the inside handles for stability and control. Once inside, the Knockerball® acts as a protective barrier with the player’s head and entire upper-body safely surrounded by the bubble. What makes a knockerball truly special, however, is that unlike a human hamster ball, the player’s legs are free. This allows them to run, bump, and play classic games like soccer, capture the flag, and musical chairs with a whole new perspective, and that’s when the fun begins!


We Will Bring the Game to You! 

        For any event booking, we will provide: the Knockerballs, a big inflatable soccer ball, a foam soccer ball, a regulation soccer ball, two 6'x4' Franklin Soccer goals, short and long cones for creating the bounderies of the field, hoops for musical chairs, and disinfectant spray. We will also have an event organizor who sets everything up, takes everything down, and referees the games for you! 

       Before the date of the event, we will contact you in order to know what the goal/goals of your event are (team bonding, just for fun, ect) and make a plan of what games you wish to be played to correspond to this. 

   In the case of an outdoor event where the weather does not permit for playing, we will work with you to find another date that works free of charge. We do this because it is not anyone's fault if mother nature is working against your date, and don't want you to have to worry about this being a problem! If you are concerned about projected weather forecasts the week of, contact us and we can talk about it. Otherwise, switching dates may result in a small fee if done more than two weeks in advance. Changing the date of an event within two weeks of the event will result in a larger fee. Canceling an event within the week of the event will result in no refund. If you cancel more than a week in advance we will give you a 50% refund, if more than a month in advance we will give you a 90% refund. 
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