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Knockerball is the nation’s #1 provider of amazing, engaging Bubble Soccer events; take your next company event, birthday party, graduation party, team bonding, school event or community gathering to the next level! We bring the game to you! Give us a call, email, or reserve on-line and we promise a great time!

PRE-EVENT CONSULTATION: Let your team help you plan a great event by talking through games, locations and how to keep people moving. Let us know what the goal/goals of your event are (team bonding, just for fun, ect) and make a plan of what games you wish to be played to correspond to this. 

DELIVERY AND SETUP: We will deliver and setup everything needed to host your Knockerball games.

SAFETY AND INSTRUCTION: Your event coordinator will stay on-site to help ensure a safe event and provide instruction for all your participants.

TEAR DOWN: Here's the best part - after your awesome event, your event coordinator will handle tear down too!


Games, Games, and More Games!
  • 1. Bubble Soccer
  • 2. Musical Chairs
  • 3: Battle Balls
  • 4. Protect the King
  • 5. Sharks and Minnows
  • 6. Capture the Flag
  • We can talk about any game you would like to play!
Game Descriptions
  • 1. Go crazy with 3v3 or 4v4 with no goalies and no off-sides to score as many points as possible with a new spin on a classic soccer-style match.
  • 2. Hula-hoops spread in a big circle serve as the "chairs". When the music stops, step in a hoop and you're safe. A perfect game for all ages!
  • 3. Remember King of the Hill?  Everyone starts in a defined circle and the last player standing wins.  Simple rules = great time!
  • 4. It's like chess, but waaay more fun!  Each team's mission is to take down the opponent's designated king while defending their own.
  • 5. Starting alone, the shark chases the minnows attempting to cross the field without getting knocked over.  If a minnow gets knocked over, they morph into a shark for the next round!
  • 6. Just like you played as kids, but with a little more collision!  Two flags, two teams, one mission.  Need we say more?


To play Bubble Soccer, you'll need an area about the size of a standard basketball court.
Knockerball is best played on a flat surface such grass, turf, carpet, sports court or even basketball courts! Areas that are not allowed include areas with hills or slopes or rough surfaces such as; gravel, stone, clay, or cement. 
If playing on grass, it must be checked for sharp objects like sticks or rocks that could injure players or puncture the KnockerBalls.
Play on Turf!
Play on a Court!
Play on Grass!
Sports Fields and Parks
Take over the local football field, soccer field, or open area park can be your own Knockerball stadium.
Indoor Courts and Facilities
Basketball courts, indoor soccer facilities, or any indoor facility with enough space can make great Knockerball arenas.
Your Backyard
The ultimate home field advantage!
Your backyard, a friend's backyard, someone's farm, or some other open outside venue, as long as there is a large enough flat surface!


Many factors go into pricing a KnockerBall event, including the duration of the event, the number of knockerballs and players, location as well as other additions that may be offered. Check out our standard online packages or contact us!


“Knockerball® was the perfect game for my summer football camp. Competitive, entertaining, and unique. Both the kids and the coaches could not get enough of it. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a group activity with a lot of laughs. As exciting as it is to play, it is just as compelling to watch! The only question now is: How many do I order for next year?!”

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